Tim, AJ and famous people

So we’re back from South Africa! Which was brilliant. Photos etc are coming soon, but in the meantime here’s Tim and AJ with Dale Ralph Davis @ the Castle two weekends ago.

dale ralph davis - tim - aj

The audio will presumably be up here shortly. The speaker at it next time (Christmas) will be Liam Goligher.

Update: Here are 2 sermons and an interview from DRD at the Tron. The Tron had him preaching one week and Alistair Begg the next! (for sermons see linkblog).


Continuing my series of witty titles based on the P&R weekend, here are the talks from the 2004 P&R by Alistair Begg, Standing Firm in the Faith. Thanks to Neil (Bean) for mp3ing them and Beth for getting them to me. They’re all a bit over 20MB each.

1. 2 Timothy 1
2. 2 Timothy 2
3. 2 Timothy 3
4. 2 Timothy 4
5. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (last wee bit cut off)

And for a special SWS bonus, here’s the Beggster slagging off the yanks:


New Dromore site with bucketloads of sermons


DromoreRPC.org has now been redone, with about 80 new sermons by David McCullough (and a few public meetings) having been added to what was already there. The rest of David McCullough’s 5 years of sermons in Dromore will be added during the next few months, and weekly sermons will now be added, well, weekly. Also, the site is not yet completely finished so there should be a few more photos and things on it soon.


Ministering for the Master


Best day conference ever!! The talks are now available here. Also available are:

Student Interviews (Tim & Phil McC)
Discussion Panel (Featuring the 3 speakers)

Also SWS can bring you some male-voice psalm singing!

Psalm 145A: 1-5 [audio:http://www.shallwesingasongforyou.co.uk/psalms/ministeringforthemaster/Psalm145Av1-5.mp3]

Psalm 145A: 8-13 [audio:http://www.shallwesingasongforyou.co.uk/psalms/ministeringforthemaster/Psalm145Av8-13.mp3]

David said you should put the Bible on your mp3 player / ipod. I see that on the ESV site you can download John for free. You can also pay to download the rest of the Bible, but only if you live outside the UK. Or you can buy it on MP3 CD from Amazon. As long as you can stick an American accent and background music…

Sermons and Stuff

New sermons

I’ve added a lot of sermons (as in links to other sites) to the site over the past week or so. A lot of Ted Donnelly sermons but also Olyott (thanks Mark), Dick Lucas and about 3 interviews with the Beggster. You can access them via the links down the right.

Airdrie Mission

Remember to pray for the Airdrie Mission, which finishes tonight. As you may have seen from emails from Airdrie, GO Team emails, or “Text Messages” (Joel), they’ve been having between 20 and 30 visitors most nights, giving them a congregation of around 100. From the latest email:

– God has been bringing people back during the week.
– People are hanging around after the service and asking some serious questions.
– Give thanks for the prayers of God’s people – they have been a real encouragement to us.

– God will give Andrew the physical strength to preach with clarity of thought and boldness the last sermon tonight.
– God will send the Holy Spirit and we will see sinners saved – FOR HIS GLORY!

Important Sermon:

I would like to encourage you all to listen to the above sermon by Andrew Quigley. We all long to see our churches grow – but if they aren’t growing is it all right for us to sit around and congratulate ourselves for being faithful and say ‘this is the day of small things’? You may not agree with all of it, but just listen to it and it might at least provoke a bit of thought – even listen to the first half hour. It’s important stuff. Here’s an extract:

“We need a generation of preachers who will no longer look upon the church as a group of volunteers, some of whom are more committed than others. We need a generation of ministers who will go out and proclaim the Word of God with the authority of Haggai, and say to men and women “If you profess to be a believer in Jesus Christ, then, within the norms of life, I’m going to call you to be that. I’m not going to allow you to drift, I’m not going to allow you to go off and do your own thing. Why? Because it’s neither in your interests nor God’s interests to do so.” It’s no interest of the leader in the church to allow the people of God to drift into a situation where they’re spending all their time labouring and not getting the return or the harvest they should do because they’re walking in disobedience.”

Ted on Justification & Baptism

At the end of August, Ted Donnelly preached 3 sermons on Justification at the annual Glenmanus Summer Bible Readings (different from these ones). They are now available to download, at around 10MB each:

Its Importance
Its Meaning and Ground
Its Source and Instrument

Last year, he preached a series of 6 sermons on Baptism at Trinity which are now available on SermonAudio. I’d just like to draw attention to them as it’s probably the greatest series on Baptism ever preached (ok I haven’t actually listened to any others, but still). They are done throughout in a totally gracious way, and the first one is more of a lecture, debunking popular misconceptions such as that Baptists eat their children (or indeed ‘treat them as little heathen’) etc.

Incidentally, it’s good to see that Trinity 560 are putting mere mortals on SermonAudio, such as SWS reader Deco Thomas.

In other news: Ken Ham will be returning to the Waterfront for two dates in 2008, so that will be good (if we’re not all boycotting AiG by then).