Ministering for the Master


Best day conference ever!! The talks are now available here. Also available are:

Student Interviews (Tim & Phil McC)
Discussion Panel (Featuring the 3 speakers)

Also SWS can bring you some male-voice psalm singing!

Psalm 145A: 1-5 [audio:]

Psalm 145A: 8-13 [audio:]

David said you should put the Bible on your mp3 player / ipod. I see that on the ESV site you can download John for free. You can also pay to download the rest of the Bible, but only if you live outside the UK. Or you can buy it on MP3 CD from Amazon. As long as you can stick an American accent and background music…

7 thoughts on “Ministering for the Master

  1. That is some pretty quality singin considering it isnt a proper choir, lol. Its a great job that you’ve made the talks available Steve, now all the girls who secretly wanted to go can hear what they were missing out on ;)

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