Continuing my series of witty titles based on the P&R weekend, here are the talks from the 2004 P&R by Alistair Begg, Standing Firm in the Faith. Thanks to Neil (Bean) for mp3ing them and Beth for getting them to me. They’re all a bit over 20MB each.

1. 2 Timothy 1
2. 2 Timothy 2
3. 2 Timothy 3
4. 2 Timothy 4
5. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (last wee bit cut off)

And for a special SWS bonus, here’s the Beggster slagging off the yanks:


One thought on “P&Rchive

  1. Steve,
    I have seen the light and got wordpress finally… if you would update your link that would be most appreciated.

    I think it would be cool if Pittsburgh had a 5K run like that… last summer I walked 20 miles for a publicity event where I worked… intense..

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