Tim, AJ and famous people

So we’re back from South Africa! Which was brilliant. Photos etc are coming soon, but in the meantime here’s Tim and AJ with Dale Ralph Davis @ the Castle two weekends ago.

dale ralph davis - tim - aj

The audio will presumably be up here shortly. The speaker at it next time (Christmas) will be Liam Goligher.

Update: Here are 2 sermons and an interview from DRD at the Tron. The Tron had him preaching one week and Alistair Begg the next! (for sermons see linkblog).

4 thoughts on “Tim, AJ and famous people

  1. Question: How dangerous is it in South Africa from what you saw on your trip? I hear of many people going down there for vacations, business, and other various reasons without any second thoughts but there are these blogs all over the Internet that reporting the violence and crime situation that make it sound like it truly is hell on Earth. I know the farm murders have going on for a long time but they make it sound like its a risk going anywhere there.

    I imagine it would be a bit worse than seminary students at the RP Seminary in Pittsburgh being advised not to go out jogging because of the bad neighborhoods a few blocks away.

  2. Realized I shouldn’t label anything in the world a “hell on earth” on second thought. First phrase that came to mind because several of the blogs have the word “hell” in their web address.

  3. I never thanked you for putting me onto Dale Ralph Davis a year and a half ago. I got his commentary on Judges and it is one of the best I’ve read. Also read his “The Word Made Fresh: Preaching from OT Narrative.” Phenomenal.

    thank you Stevo

  4. Hi Brendan: We didn’t really see anything dangerous at all. Although you don’t really get safer than 7 guys (not the American ‘guys’ which seems to include females!) going about together. And I’m pretty hard like. And we didn’t go into any townships (think that would be a bad idea) or Joburg (the sign for which over there is making the shape of a gun with your hand according to the guy running a backpackers we stayed in!). Although the 4 girls that are still there stayed in Joburg by themselves and didn’t have any hassle. Going out at night might be a different story.

    But I think that if you are sensible and avoid danger-areas (one bit of motorway we were on had signs up saying ‘Hijacking Hotspot’ – wish we’d got a photo!) you should be fine. Plus they don’t drive as badly as the guide books say either!

    Actually just found a photo!

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