Celebrating 25 Years of GO Teams!

The 2013 GO Rally will take place on Friday (4th Jan) at 8pm in Faughan RPC. Details below.

There will also be an update on the RP Church in East Asia – which now has more RPs than the rest of the world combined!

This hasn’t been announced in all churches due to the announcement going out late so please spread the word!!!

GO Rally 2013

GO Rally 2012

Kenneth Stewart’s sermon on Isaiah 6 from last Friday night is available here. Was a great night, and the Dominos pizzas provided by Loughbrickland were much appreciated!

The list of 2012 teams is below. Application forms should be in congregations by now and there are a few applications in already!

GO Teams 2012

Airdrie GO Team 2010

The 2010 Airdrie GO Team took place from Wed 31st March – Tues 6th April 2010. Given the blizzard conditions the night before the team arrived, this report was nearly called ‘Airdrie Snow Team’ and on the afternoon of their arrival team members were given their first experience of doing a GO team with snow on the ground. Amazingly, the weather then held right through all the times of leaflet distribution – until it started pouring just hours after we finished Church on the Street on the Saturday afternoon.


Tea in the hall was provided by a different person/couple from the church each evening on Wed-Fri. Before tea on the Wednesday we also managed to fit in our first Bible study on 1, 2 and 3 John. Between the Wednesday and Thursday evenings, the team got to experience Airdrie’s MET Bible studies, with 3 or so members of the team going to either the Wednesday MET or one of the two Thursday METs.

chris david kinder
Dave gets to know “Chris Chris”

While some of the team were at the Holytown MET on Wednesday, the rest of the boys went to William J’s to watch the Arsenal match (Phil and Andy Moa were particularly keen on this suggestion) while the remaining girls prepared for a surprise 18th birthday party for Phil in the church (more specifically – Beth’s office) after:



Afterwards there followed much discussion on Bible studies, sharing ignorance, women’s roles…

James vents forth


Thursday saw a full day of leaflet distribution, with most of the team going to the Smith / Motherwell METs at night and the rest just hanging round. Except James, who decided to run for 16 miles, or something.

Eagerly reading our Reformed Visions at lunch time

megan chinese
She’s not actually touching her face…

phil dave chris

chris debbie

connor cardigan posing


On Friday we gave out more leaflets, were joined by Samwise Peilow, and then at night CY were given a budget of 5, and a time limit of 40 (?) minutes and told to go to a variety of shops (or people’s houses if we wanted) to buy, barter or beg ingredients to make a pizza with at least two different toppings. We finished off the night with a psalm sing and prayer time.

Andy Mo prepares the secret ingredient

James’ group sortof missed the point! :-P




The egg on top didn’t go down well either

On Saturday we gave out leaflets till we ran out, came back for lunch and then went down the town and did Church on the Street for an hour. Though we just gave out leaflets as health and safety meant we couldn’t give out tea/coffee etc this time.







Then after we were finished we headed – not to Edinburgh for a change – but to Largs, the Scottish Portrush – in the vehicle formerly known as the Spitmobile, the Bapmobile, and Beth’s-leave-15-minutes-early-take-the-‘scenic’-route-and-arrive-20-minutes-after-everyone-else-well-mobile.

Snow on the mountains

Sun on the water



Trying to recreate the CTI photo




10* wanted to explore the local Church of Scotland – which had had some interestingly-named ministers

…and an interesting history book

Sam in making funny jokes about RPs scandal

Afterwards we had tea in ‘Room’


James looking shocked


And then went to Nardini’s for some world famous ice cream

I had turkish delight flavour. It was amazing!






On the Lord’s Day we had Bible class (prayer meeting for the Mission), prayer meeting, church and a congregational lunch, followed by testimonies from 2 of the members of the church – Jimmy and Darren.












The traditional photo



In the afternoon we had a Bible study on 1 John 5 and much discussion ensued about knowing when someone had committed the unforgivable sin.

Bringing out the Westminster Confessions…

The evening service proves too much for Campbell

At night we talked about the future of the RPCS (as well as briefly discoursing on Andy’s ‘homeboys’ in the APC).

The schooling proves too much for Phil!

On Monday we went on a Covenanter Tour to places GO teams hadn’t been before! Thanks to Jimmy for providing a custom tour! In the minibus we sorted out a few things, and planned a holiday to Lewis. When we got back, we rediscovered a backcatalogue of Messenger issues going back to day one (much to James’ excitement), had a Mr Kebab for tea and went to the Mission – my first ever time – was great!


willy t car


William Adam’s grave



Covenanter site near flooded football pitch – great!

mr kebab phil
So good

Please continue to pray for Airdrie, unconverted family members, the new people who have come in in recent weeks, and Scotland as a whole.

Mission Sermons
Airdrie 10

Faughan GO Team 09: Pure classy hi sir!

Proving that you don’t have to go to Cyprus to get sunburnt, go to a beach, meet homeschoolers and go to a different country on your day off.

(Or see people in Greece shirts)

Team activities included Bible studies, leaflets, D2D, taking a school assembly, 2 other school visits with P6s and 7s (football and dancing, with epilogues), Summer Bible Club, Youth Club and a Youth Afternoon. Though of course, there’s not many photos of much of the above!

But first here’s an introduction to the team:

Cromie Robert: Faughan veteran Cromie equalled PMO’s record of 3 Faughan GO teams. He branched out from staying with his grandparents this year but lived to tell the tale.

Ali and Andy: Andy, already on his second (successive) GO team of the summer, escaped much slagging during the week, but the occasional hint from cousin Ali saw the grin make a few appearances.

Rachel: Faced a barrage of slagging all week, met several of the in-laws, but just about managed not to ‘crumb’-le under the pressure.

Abi: Found the primary school visits scarier than most, but was kept busy by late night planning meetings.

Anna and Letitia: Anna overcame early struggles with one of her lines (or all of them, depending on your perspective) in the assembly to enjoy the team so much she had signed up for another one before the week was out. Letitia went from being told she was in said play on the Friday night to staying for the full week. Incidentally, her presence at Camp will move the Faughan attendance up to 6, probably the highest in the modern era, and only going to keep increasing.

The team also featured a few cameo appearances from Skills, Dave Smith, Joel and Pistol Pete, the last of whom arrived back just in time to get a GO-team t-shirt, missing rugby training on the Friday due to blisters to give out leaflets instead.

We did manage to get a few shots of us doing some work:

Ali points the way during youth club



Matthew – Still missing David Duly



plate - fixtures - cromie
Pre P6-football with our carefully planned fixture list

team photo football
Post-football team with carefully negotiated loan signings from Ballyclabber (which involved the longest text message I’ve ever sent – apparently it stops after about 7!) and Stute

Post-football league table, with Hull topping the league and going on to win the final 8)

Chilling before the kids arrived for the youth afternoon



The girls

We did manage to get a bit of football fitted in before and after the other games and Cromie’s talk on tv/internet/facebook/bebo/msn


…but as we spent the majority of the time retrieving the ball from awkward places, we came to the alarming conclusion that the much-hyped Faughan team for the summer tournament may well be just a team of defenders!

And of course, no pics of SBC cos of child protection but here is the only one that matters!

The Meeting
The Meeting

We did manage some free time.

Team bonding :-)

Fahan beach on the Wednesday afternoon

Where we lost a ball and somewhere on down gained a buoy!

Followed by the traditional visit to Wheelers




The week finished off with a congregational BBQ that was so good me and Andy nearly forgot we were missing a trip to Portrush! We did miss the showing of the DVD ‘Us boys’ in the next room, which sounded class!!






That’s all folks! Please keep praying for the work done by the team, particularly all the children contacted, their families, those who will come back from holiday to find leaflets telling them not to put all their hope in holidays and for those visitors who came to the guest service.

Carrick GO Team – Change of date


Shall We Sing’s secret boss Peter Loughridge, 33, this morning used the ‘immense popularity’ of the site to issue a press release informing the general public that the Carrick GO Team will now take place a week later than previously planned, and will DV be held from:

Sabbath 23rd – Friday 28th August 2009

So if you are free that week please think about applying! We could ‘harp’ on about previous years but I’m sure this year will stand out in its own right.

SWS also notes that the mighty Saw Doctors will be playing Carrickfergus Castle the day after the GO team, in an event with a remarkably similar name to a certain biannual conference featuring high profile speakers.

Give us Airdrie

the photo

So I nearly forget how to do this, but the nationwide clamour has become too loud so here goes :-P

Following the excitement of the last trumpet last year, the Airdrie GO team reverted back to travelling by car this time round, with former Airdrie stalwarts Brian Lockington and Rob Currie doing the driving. In the buildup to the team, worries that it might not gel suffered a further blow with the withdrawal of J. McCollum who felt the need to spend the Easter break in the Orient, losing the opportunity to make it 4 years in a row and handing the consecutive appearances over to Steelo unchallenged.

Stephen Alexander - give that man a ladder
Give that man a ladder!

Once the team had arrived and it was explained to them that Steelo did not in fact live in Airdrie anymore (a common misconception, which is only going to get more confusing), we had tea, provided by Robert Alexander, and then, in a most unusual move, gave out leaflets on the first night. Me and James had the added reassurance of Jimmy F cruising about just in case there was any ‘trouble’! After the leaflets there was a quiz, including a controversial Bible round which saw the Irish schooled!

connor claire

young johnston
Young Johnston

alanna paul john duly rab lynsey
Alanna managed to do what Chris hasn’t for the past two years and get her application in on time. Though rumours that Chris has retired from GO teams as they couldn’t possibly get any better after ‘The Walker year’ are understandable

our team

david frame beth
David Frame, who looks nothing like the guy on the last page of the Mission brochure

debbie hayley caitlyn 10 star bev

We finished off the day with our opening Bible study and a prayer time.

On the Friday we were flat out doing leaflets during the day and then we did a Car Rally with the CY at night, which would be called a Treasure Hunt over here, but it would be fun to see the reaction of parents if we tried to take on such terminology!

church signs
Firstly we had to get the last banner up though!

stephen alexander car rally

rab's car
Rob’s car

John, me, Duly, Connor

carla burrell


On Saturday we gave out leaflets in the morning and for about an hour in the afternoon, followed by a (non-Edinburgh!) (non-Knodel!) Covenanter tour.

I was hoping that the 3 points you can apparently get for driving over one of these would put people off doing it

Jimmy had added a few interesting new places to the itinerary, such as this museum near Drumclog, with an actual Covenanter banner in it

group photo at drumclog museum

jimmy f drumclog

drumclog big
G Times

wishart knox plaque
Then it was on to the Castle, where details of what does on there are now even more widely available on the internet than ever. In short, if someone tells you that John Knox was a bad man, then you know that something’s not quite right…

inside the castle
Who are ya?

mason castle beth jimmy
Beth is considering taking refuge here if / when the law catches up with her… :-P

prayer meeting
To steal James’ joke, 8 people at a prayer meeting definitely = pre SAQ!

Our final stop was at George Wood’s grave

stace church discipline
Stace’s turn to experience some old style church discipline

george wood jimmy
Connor – clearly up to mischief!


Then it was back for a Mr. Kebab, after early suspicions that there would be no time in the schedule for it gave way to common sense and the will of the people.

mr k
Shockingly though, neither Mr. Kebab or Mr. Kebab jnr were there, it was just Mr K jnr’s assistant and some randomer!

me mr k
Back in business!

On the Sabbath we had Bible class (which has been just a Mission prayer meeting for the past few weeks – actually, don’t know why I said just!), prayer meeting, morning worship, lunch in the hall, the much talked of desserts, a psalm sing in the afternoon, evening worship, a psalm practice with Tim, supper at the church and then the highly anticipated schooling, which was very positive. It’s all about facilitating growth – providing opportunities for people to grow.

On the Monday we finished off the leaflets and then hung about in the afternoon till it was time to go.


saq schooling brian

beth paul dmc
Paul had once again taken time out of his busy schedule to join up with the team.

john campbell
John and Campbell

10 star catherine
Catherine’s second favourite Stephen

me and chris
Chris is the man

me and paul

front of church

But anyway, the main point of the team was to give out the Mission Brochures with testimonies in it advertising the Mission which is being held this week, “Jesus Christ – who is He and why does it matter?” So please pray that people would be saved through the Mission. As the (not bad man) John Knox prayed (and James reminded us), “Give me Scotland”. We can pray that God would give us Airdrie.