Faughan GO Team 09: Pure classy hi sir!

Proving that you don’t have to go to Cyprus to get sunburnt, go to a beach, meet homeschoolers and go to a different country on your day off.

(Or see people in Greece shirts)

Team activities included Bible studies, leaflets, D2D, taking a school assembly, 2 other school visits with P6s and 7s (football and dancing, with epilogues), Summer Bible Club, Youth Club and a Youth Afternoon. Though of course, there’s not many photos of much of the above!

But first here’s an introduction to the team:

Cromie Robert: Faughan veteran Cromie equalled PMO’s record of 3 Faughan GO teams. He branched out from staying with his grandparents this year but lived to tell the tale.

Ali and Andy: Andy, already on his second (successive) GO team of the summer, escaped much slagging during the week, but the occasional hint from cousin Ali saw the grin make a few appearances.

Rachel: Faced a barrage of slagging all week, met several of the in-laws, but just about managed not to ‘crumb’-le under the pressure.

Abi: Found the primary school visits scarier than most, but was kept busy by late night planning meetings.

Anna and Letitia: Anna overcame early struggles with one of her lines (or all of them, depending on your perspective) in the assembly to enjoy the team so much she had signed up for another one before the week was out. Letitia went from being told she was in said play on the Friday night to staying for the full week. Incidentally, her presence at Camp will move the Faughan attendance up to 6, probably the highest in the modern era, and only going to keep increasing.

The team also featured a few cameo appearances from Skills, Dave Smith, Joel and Pistol Pete, the last of whom arrived back just in time to get a GO-team t-shirt, missing rugby training on the Friday due to blisters to give out leaflets instead.

We did manage to get a few shots of us doing some work:

Ali points the way during youth club



Matthew – Still missing David Duly



plate - fixtures - cromie
Pre P6-football with our carefully planned fixture list

team photo football
Post-football team with carefully negotiated loan signings from Ballyclabber (which involved the longest text message I’ve ever sent – apparently it stops after about 7!) and Stute

Post-football league table, with Hull topping the league and going on to win the final 8)

Chilling before the kids arrived for the youth afternoon



The girls

We did manage to get a bit of football fitted in before and after the other games and Cromie’s talk on tv/internet/facebook/bebo/msn


…but as we spent the majority of the time retrieving the ball from awkward places, we came to the alarming conclusion that the much-hyped Faughan team for the summer tournament may well be just a team of defenders!

And of course, no pics of SBC cos of child protection but here is the only one that matters!

The Meeting
The Meeting

We did manage some free time.

Team bonding :-)

Fahan beach on the Wednesday afternoon

Where we lost a ball and somewhere on down gained a buoy!

Followed by the traditional visit to Wheelers




The week finished off with a congregational BBQ that was so good me and Andy nearly forgot we were missing a trip to Portrush! We did miss the showing of the DVD ‘Us boys’ in the next room, which sounded class!!






That’s all folks! Please keep praying for the work done by the team, particularly all the children contacted, their families, those who will come back from holiday to find leaflets telling them not to put all their hope in holidays and for those visitors who came to the guest service.

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  1. Yoooo! A non South Africa post at last! :-p

    “Pure classy hi sir!” … I really hope you haven’t brainwashed any of those poor, young, unsuspecting GO Teamers into talking like that!!!

    Good work all.

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