Carrick GO Team – Change of date


Shall We Sing’s secret boss Peter Loughridge, 33, this morning used the ‘immense popularity’ of the site to issue a press release informing the general public that the Carrick GO Team will now take place a week later than previously planned, and will DV be held from:

Sabbath 23rd – Friday 28th August 2009

So if you are free that week please think about applying! We could ‘harp’ on about previous years but I’m sure this year will stand out in its own right.

SWS also notes that the mighty Saw Doctors will be playing Carrickfergus Castle the day after the GO team, in an event with a remarkably similar name to a certain biannual conference featuring high profile speakers.

4 thoughts on “Carrick GO Team – Change of date

  1. Did you add extra red to my eyes Steelo to make me look even more manic, or do I really look like that?! I can’t imagine people will be queuing up to come and help the congregation of that hideous, grinning lunatic!!

    If somehow anyone is interested in coming to Carrick that week, please let me know.

    I’ve probably had a fair few quotes falsely attributed to me by this site over the years, but I can confirm to all readers that I DID in fact refer to the “immense popularity” of SWS when I contacted Steelo.

    Another SWS exclusive!!!

  2. Pete think we know what was making people look manic on some of those nights!

    And childishly posting pictures won’t affect me as May is nearly over and I can go back to worrying about important things like the Irish League transfer window and Stute’s pre-season!

    Yep, quotes of the week was good quality this week! I particularly liked the banner of the week:
    “Who’s the next messiah, Ant or Dec?”
    Aston Villa banner aimed at Newcastle fans.

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