Airdrie G Team 2008

And ‘G’ is the only way to describe it. Although due to an inspired decision to write the Messenger report in the minibus on the way to the airport on the way home (after having initially been up for writing it as we went along), most of the craic should actually make it into the Messenger. However, in the intervening few years (make those jokes while you can people, their time is nearly over!) here’s a few snaps and if I can remember any of the stuff we thought was too extreme for the Messenger I’ll throw that in too!

Paul took some well deserved time off to join up with the team

Some of the locals at the bowling

action shot
Action shot

me at bowling
A PB of 127

jonny stevie
Ulsterville Gardens on Tour 2008. They saw Pancakes at Belfast City on the way home


lainey stevie
Evie and Lainey

stephen claire
Plenty of ‘Oh!’-ing went on throughout the team

claire hayley emma
Claire, Hayley, Emma…and Joel trying to look intelligent :-P

airdrie homeschooled
I would have been loved to have been there when either Debbie or Hayley went up to Airdrie’s latest American arrivals and said “Hi. I’m homeschooled too!”

Cephas – kept us all fed

george paul
George conversing with Paul

debbie louise
Louise and Debbie

probable cream bun moment
A rare time of schooling


megan hayley
Megan and Hayley


The lads finishing off the pudding

Friday night: games in the church


me stevie
Me and Stevie

emma lorna
Emma and Lorna

paul stace
Paul and Stacey


claire paul mr k
The evening was rounded off with a Mr. Kebab of course, though as Carla has pointed out Paul ruined his by putting mayo on it…

After finishing off the leaflets we were doing (only did about 7,000 cos we were knocking – leaving the rest for the yanks), we went to Edinburgh on Saturday afternoon for a Covenanter Tour and tea. Once Beth finally found the car park that is…

covenanter tour group except those talking to beulah!
By this point, some of the group had decided they’d rather talk to Beulah and Carol, who we met at Greyfriars

We sent Conor in to look for Walker

Pining for Bapman

part of prayermeeting
Part of the prayer meeting on Sunday morning

steps group
Distributors and helpers

team photo
Team photo

Totally amazing like. Once again. No Charles Eleven children’s address this time, although SAQ asked ‘What is love?’ and young Joshua said ‘When you don’t get your own way all the time’. Cue much awwww-ing and laughter!!

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  1. hehe “pining for bapman”…
    G photos Steelo. And you beat James for the fastest Easter GO team report on a blog award. If you want a trophy you’ll have to buy one yourself I’m afraid.

  2. so that photo of hayley and her blue tongue…and the caption. first reaction was to laugh out loud. then i remember to think “hey now…” :-P

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