Termonfeckin 2006

The pressure on me to get a report up is once again reaching fever pitch, so I better crank something out. First of all, may I offer you one of the greatest songs ever written, by Cromie Robert and Niall McCune. You can either download it or play it by clicking below:


You really could just listen to that song to find out what happened during the week! I suppose I’ll expand on it slightly. On Saturday we arrived, got the tents up and had ‘icebreakers’ which involved you being told to go round and talk to people! The Lord’s Day was wet. Between hearing ‘preachers from Kobe and KILraughts’ a few of us ended up in Norman and Nancy’s bungalow for food and drink – with ice of course! Great! The Cullybackey lads spent the time explaining to me the difference between Deadly Dave and Dangerous Dave and other such subtleties.

On Monday we had the first talk (well, those aged 12-16 were deemed too stupid and so were given their own activities – no need!) and seminars. Seminars are definitely a good idea. At Castlewellan they had discussion groups which were also good, but seminars are better I think – why not have both?! The first football of the week took place on Monday afternoon, where we played with some local lads. On Tuesday the football suffered as a lot of people either went to Dublin or played golf – Not Happy! We did get some West v. the rest fitted in though (an easy victory for the West of course!) and then some h’s and v’s in the rain when the golfers returned.

Some of the best times during the week were had in the evening activities for the young people, superbly organised by young McKelvo (ahead of his introduction to polite society in September) and Abigail. On the Saturday we played a few lesser games, which soon gave way to Switch If, for about 2 hours. Brilliant!


The next evening it was ‘The RP Summer so far’ with people speaking about camps and GO teams – great stuff, really encouraging! Other evening activities included a psalm sing and a triple 18th birthday party with duck, duck, goose and pass the parcel and other great games!

The birthday girls

The talks and seminars continued as normal in the mornings, with football in the afternoons. On Wednesday evening we had “You will be my witnesses” where we heard people speaking about gospel work in Galway (Billy Hamilton), Poland (Elizabeth Wright), Nantes (Amy – with hand signals!), Japan, the Army (Stan Copeland) and Romania (GO Relief). It was another really encouraging evening, great to hear all the different stuff going on! (Even if Galway only gave out 5,000 magazine things rather than the 50,000 Ganzer would have you believe!)

Usually when people talk about rat-infested camp sites at such events they are joking, but at Termonfeckin there were actually a few rats about. Young Chip the Elder woke up one night to see one in his 9-man tent, and shouted out “A rat!”. Speaking to reporters the next morning he said “It was the biggest rat I ever saw!”.

On Thursday evening it was time for what was formerly known as the concert, but as of Senior Camp 2006 has become known as ‘An Audience with Robert Cromie’. The highlight, of course, was the above song. Then on Friday evening, after a 3-hour worship service (!) we had an ice cream social and sang Psalm 121 under ‘the moon by night’ as we thought of our foreign visitors departing the next morning.

General Photos: (Thanks to mutli bebo-ers!)

Jonny’s confusion is now so great that he needs to wear a name badge to remind himself what his real name is

Young Ali finished up Castlewellan on top of his car. 2 years later, the car had changed but that’s about it!

August 2004

August 2006

Church Discipline, Convoy style – would you mess with this man?!

Steve and Mark killing each other

There was a shipwreck on the beach which I never quite made it to

Rachel and Amanda

Stephen Jonny and Emmaline

And with young Nathanael

Richie McKelvo


Richie, Jonny Housemate, Andy & Pete

Rhoda and Stephen outside our tent

Rob, Ali, Timmy and Joel S

Charlotte welcomes Sarah Robb, who had just arrived from her native Spain


Heather and Lorna

Smiley Happy People

Carla Squigs, Emmaline & Rebekah pose in front of the two o

Mark and Conor

Ali and Tim

Fire in the disco! Or on the beach…

Chip helped the situation by bringing whole trees to put on the fire

Phil and Jon

Emma has been on at me to get a report up – she must want the world to see this picture of her and the Ganzer!


Cream Puff (H’s and V’s)


Lucas (who knows Titus!) and Billy Hamilton



Joelerz strikes it


Conor makes the save

Gav and Nigel

John watches Conor flight in a ball

(Yet Another) RP ministerial student in crossing shocker!

Match Action

My housemate leans on a post

Jonny McClure clears a corner


The photos above are all from the last day, when Joel reckoned I needed to get some snaps. The match was East v the Rest (well, West and North!). Winning comfortably 3-1, we conceded 2 duff late goals for them to force penalties. I took videos of a few pens, but they were all duff! Joel at least managed to score:

Really should have videod myself

Cromie Robert does more than write fantastic songs!

Andrew Blackburn denied by Jonny

The ball makes Jonny look like a midget

Nigel beats Jonny

Nigel pulls off a great save

No stopping Cream Puff!

The winners pile on

An Audience with Robert Cromie The Concert:

Lorna, Deborah, Rachel, Heather

Stanley and Calvin


What happens when you swim in the sea down there

Forget Strob and famous people – Ganzer jumps on Norm!

Nancy and Emmaline

…and their whole clan

Graham’s cornflake box torch gets a special mention as the funniest non-Cromie moment of the concert! And I rather liked me and housemate Jonny’s easy-chanting after Bob McFarland easily beat Rich Ganz in a joke telling contest (for once the Ganzer had nothing to say!). Speaking of people called Graham, GMO turned up!

So that was Termonfeckin! Rich’s talks will be up on rpc.org in a month’s time as CAVE want to sell more CDs. Incidentally, did anyone manage to fill in the blank on page 4 of the handbook? “Finally, Ephesians in a nutshell is..” A book? Hard to read? (As would anything be if it was in a nutshell!). Seriously though, Rich was only speaking on the church out of Ephesians, not on Ephesians as a whole – beats me anyway!

Now what about this for a bit of good news – the powers that be at Castlewellan have come back to the committee and said that they might be able to fit us in in 2 years’ time after all! Great! The committee are apparently seeing which is cheaper but please let common sense prevail and let Castlewellan 2008 be held at Castlewellan!! And no matter where it’s held, get Stuart Olyott to speak at it!

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  1. Stello what are you talking about?!? I vote Share Centre 08! Besides that nonsensical remark, good post! P.S. Despite how it may look, Rich and I aren’t dating!!

  2. “well, those aged 12-16 were deemed too stupid and so were given their own activities – no need!”


    And another thing, did anyone find out what was with the picture of the comittee?

    Castlewellan 08..bring it on

  3. Too right, Castlewellan, cant beat it! Good work Steelo, feel into peer pressure though of writing it! And right enough those activites were pretty pants, bring on the Talks at Castlewellan! Ali

  4. there’s a 17-minute extended version, detailing every event up to thursday night, but we had to cut it down for performing purposes…i think it’s time i started to isolate my fans, by forsaking traditional songwriting in favour of started a bottle-blowing orchestra or something…

  5. Mark – in fairness, she managed to get it right on bebo! John G is a firm advocate of the ‘Stello’ school of thought tho!

    Cromie – bring your guitar and we’ll record the extended version next week! Speaking of next week, check your email!

  6. I’m terribly sorry I got the spelling wrong Mark and STEELO. Though in my defence, I was probably thinking about the hundred different things I have to do this week, unlike some people who just sit on MSN all day waiting for someone to chat to (eh Mark??)

  7. week was awesome for those who werent there.
    nice report steve. you need a camera installed inside your eye so you can get more random pics.

  8. stello?! must be an americanism. anyways rob cromie, will there be the lyrics for the 17minute version? what about 07 will that be in michigan?

  9. the concept of a 17-minute version may or may not have been a slight joke on my part…it’s frankly ludicrous anyway, who could remember that many verses? plus, singing it would sap me of my will to live. steelo, i dunno if you knew, but i won’t be along to faughan til sabbath morn, owing to my foolish double booking of tomorrow evening! i told bob pinkerton, but i’m not sure if he told anyone else! to make up for this, i already have ideas for a Faughan GO Team ditty…and as for michigan, i’m not quite sure what boB’s referring to, but i’ll certainly give writing a song about it a bash…
    PS. like all up-and-coming acts, The Kitchen Utensil/Household Appliance/Camping Equipment Band have a MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/kitchenutensilband

  10. Frankly I dont care where Castlewellen 08 will be. I’d got quite excited by the Prospect of Castlewellen 08 at the Share Centre. But I’m also excited by the prospect of going Castlewellen for Castlewellen 08. Let the good times roll.
    And it’ll all be irrellevent if they get Stuarty Elliot to speak.
    Failling that any of the others off the Dream Team would suffice – Davey McC, Mark, Warren, Big Sinc, Steve Hawthorne (giving part of his camp talk in fluent German is enough to catapult him onto the list) In that order.

  11. Good to see you all having a good time at Term 06!
    Joel- not sure if im worthy of a top 10 spot on the speaker list – but after Mark and Warren???That stung a bit! Dont be surprised if theres a little officer reshuffle for BDC 07!!

  12. Steve, does the “officer reshuffle for BDC 07” mean you aren’t coming or you won’t allow Joel to be on the team?!!

  13. I’m surprised and offended that you even suggested the former. I will let you know (sorry discuss with you) in due course who the team will consist off!!!!

    By the way how does big TD have time to do all this moderation??

  14. Sorry for any offence caused Big Steve! I reckoned that was what you meant, but wanted to be sure!

    I look forward to hearing your “suggestions” for the team. I trust you are gathering up some of the old guard and former comrades!!!

  15. Its a Biblical principle to start with the least and go to the best (ig. wedding at Cana+wine).
    So what’s wrong with my top 5 list? Whoever said that Mark and Warren were ahead of you??

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