Dick Lucas

Please feel free to ignore my earlier ramblings below and skip to the sermons.

This guy is the stuff. He’s a retired Anglican minister (81 or something now!), who was one of the boys that founded the Proclamation Trust. Don’t worry about him being English – Sweeney taught him a few things over in London when doing said course a few years ago.

He spoke at at the castle in 2004 on the Psalms. Which is a great place to start if you want to hear what he’s like, as he’s speaking to a group of young people in Norn Iron. You can also get sermons he’s preached at St. Helen’s, Bishopgate (where he was minister for ages) online here. I’ve linked to those available as mp3 downloads, because quite a few of them are free. The ones which have a code beginning SM or SE are better than TU, as the latter are shorter sermons preached at Tuesday lunchtime meetings for business men. The only thing is that the Bible readings on the Sunday morning and evening ones are done by a woman, which is quite unnerving!

St Helen’s
St. George’s Tron, Glasgow (11 sermons – most recent Oct 09)
Church of St Andrew the Great, Cambridge (6 sermons)
Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon (9 sermons)

Free Proc Trust sermons arranged by book:
Proc Trust

Installation Sermon:
Charges to a Young Minister (2 Tim 2:1-7) (2009)

Individual Sermons:
A Midweek on Problems Christians Face (3 of 6 – Doubts) from 1985!
The Penitent Theif – Luke 23 (St Luke’s Church, Wimbledon Park)
Compelled by Love – 2 Tim 4:5 (All Souls Evangelists’ Conf 2004)
Keep yourselves from idolatry – 1 John 5:21 (Spicer Street, St Alban’s, March 2007)
Psalm 23 (St. Andrews Church, March 2007)

9 Marks Interview on Expositional Preaching
At St Andrew’s Church (March 2007)
Preaching Christ (White Horse Inn, 1995)
The Tron (see link above)

RP Ministers Conference 2009 (not online – try contacting jmark)