Senior Camp 2011

Update: Senior Camp Congregational Singing available to download here

Group Photo 2011

Psalm Singing

The Talks

Audio and Video of the rest of the talks can be found here.


– Connor’s tag of Rob and subsequent reportage of the event.
– Take That song at the concert.
– Connor’s review of Planting for the Gospel – “One of the worst books I’ve ever read”. One can only hope that PSR wasn’t involved in its publication!
– The weather!

Photos (thanks Ali!)

4 - quiz

6 - andy mo

10 - richard kick
The ever-popular slippery football

11 - rob

14 - intimate moment
No comment

15 - crumbs

13 - P10

16 - the cube pointing
Monday night – The Cube: Pointing the way

17 - the cube eleanor

19 - chavs
Fairytales: Chavs featured prominently for some reason!

22 a - schedule
The concert, obviously, for which Joel regenerated into Jonny

20 - mrs doyle
“Cup of tea Fathers?”

23 - strob introduces strong man
Strob introduces the strongman competition

28 - willy laughing at him
Willy laughing at RMO

30 - ha
Bring back the easy chant!

33 - take that
“Everyone is family / and we mean that literally”

35 - richie
Funny stuff from Richie

38 - owen
Spirit of Brendan

37 - warren ben and anselm
Couldn’t beat it with a big stick

39 - p10 piano
Audible “Wows” were heard afterwards

40 - competitive sports jonny keeper
Competitive sports

42 - jonny saves

43 - attempt to block throw-in
A blatant attempt at handball!! Referee!!!

Senior Camp Reunion 2011

A sublime debut from Andrew and Ruth (and Matthew!), powerful talks, it doesn’t get much better.

Below you’ll find audio/video of the talks, and videos of psalm singing and interviews with campers on their thoughts of the weekend – thanks to Connor Q.

Talk 1
Wasn’t recorded at camp, if a recording from elsewhere becomes available I’ll put it on here.

Talk 2 Audio (42MB) | Video:

Talk 3 Audio (43MB) | Video:

Psalm Singing

Interviews with campers

There is also an outtakes video floating around on some more disreputable sites!

Senior Camp 2010


– The Mall
– The West beating the rest in the opening day’s match
– The worships / psalm singing / talks. Albert – legend – we shouldn’t have worried!
– The Mall
– Making loud noises at James and Hannah across the dining hall not knowing that it was the first time he’d seen her since she got back
– Only getting tagged 3 times
– The Wild Rover by Warren and the Rabbits
– Mr and Mrs
– The whole of camp standing and proudly singing the Siamese / South African National Anthem.
– John George likes bananas
– The Mall
– Brendan’s book review
– Robert Robb’s Albert Baxter thing: Actually quite funny!

Photos to follow after Gartmore!

Update: A few photos available here.

Camp Reunion Talks Online Now

***Updated with more pics***

Warren Peel’s talks from Senior Camp Reunion 2010 are now available to download from

Prayer as Spiritual Warfare
1. Be a good soldier of Christ Jesus
2. Know your enemy
3. Fight the good fight

Photos from the weekend


Camp Re.-1
Joel didn’t receive his threatened beating…



Camp Re.-0
Vball action


Saturday afternoon




Saturday night’s activity was a murder mystery..

Camp Re.-5

Camp Re.-7
Lee Sorsale

Camp Re.-15
Sharon about to do some damage with a rolling pin

Camp Re.-11
A vintage performance from the retiring Brian

Camp Re.-17
Saturday nights at camp are not for this sort of thing…

Camp Re.-27

Camp Re.-21
Ballymoney, Sunday morning

Caption competition anyone?

Camp Re.-22


Ex-Renwick star spotted





Sunday of camp-11

Camp Re.-26

Other notable events
– ‘Still no Loughridges, still no loss’ produce a late rally to triumph in Friday night quiz, after Steelo, United-in-May stye, begins to take an interest when we hit second place. However it was nice to see the two who turned up on Sat night…
– Offy retires: Hands-down SWS best committee member ever award. In true, retire-the-shirt fashion, he is not being replaced.
– Brian also retires. We love him too. Tho he’s been replaced by somebody who will likewise just stand around, make funny jokes, and appear to the general populace not to be doing anything…



1. Read a proper blog. See the Moderator’s Diary for reports of GAC | BDC | GDC | BAC. And a visit to the Robert Hanna that wasn’t at camp! “Nice to have a McCullough contributing something useful online!!!” – PL

2. Gareth has 10 concert videos up so far, more to come:

You sortof need to see the other video they showed along with it!

The other mastermind round

3. BBC Producer Bert Tosh on ‘Does the hymn have a future?’ (via jmark)

“I might mention in passing the practice of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, one of Ireland’s smaller denominations with about 3,000 members. They’re sometimes known as Covenanters, which suggests their Scots antecendence. What is distinctive about their worship is that they sing metrical psalms only and without accompaniment, like some of the smaller Scottish Presbyterian churches. They have broadened their repertoire from the 1650 Psalter, but what has struck me when I’ve produced one of their services (there weren’t any in the period I’ve been looking at) is that you get a congregation of all ages from eight to eighty singing their psalms tunefully and enthusiastically in four-part harmony. I look around and I think, this shouldn’t be happening: teenagers singing 350 year old words to very four-square tunes. But it is…

4. Recognise anyone in the new Stran prospectus?


Incidentally, the roadworks in Ballykelly keep you waiting longer than any other roadworks in the history of the world!!

5. Sarah Warnock in the Edinburgh Evening News:

Sarah Warnock, 23, has been attending St Columba’s for five years. She says: “For me, Sundays are special. It’s the one day on which you can completely rest in today’s crazy world.”

Her Sundays consist of a morning service at 11.20am, followed by lunch with members of the congregation, which can mean anything from 50 fellow diners in the church hall to a meal at another student’s flat for four or five.

She says: “It really does turn into a family. I have never once had a Sunday lunch on my own since I came to Edinburgh.” she says.

Sarah deliberately avoids studying on a Sunday, and says as an architecture student at Edinburgh University that’s not always been easy – “Especially when the pressure is on and I know other people are in the studio working but I do find that taking that day sets me up for the rest of the week.”

Senior Camp 2009

At last. Sorry. In short – Camp still the best thing ever? Yep!!

Though there’s nothing to rouse you into action like receiving a message from camp’s elder statesman within an hour of arriving (long before the buses of course) saying ‘The bant at this yrs camp is in ur hands’! So with that all sorted it was time for the next dilemma – 7 minutes football time before tea!! Long enough for me to score the first goal of camp though! :-P And concede the first one too…

Not a good start to one’s official bid for the Renwick No. 1 spot

football pitch
We don’t tend to take photos of the football pitch, so here’s the best I could find!

Good to be back! The first psalm is always amazing.

Beautiful people doing beautiful things

Thankfully there was more football after tea, then ice breakers. The Lord’s Day was church, with a prayer meeting after the morning service and not much else. And a psalm sing at night. Monday followed the traditional, time-honoured, and probably perfect schedule of Chip’s Challenges, followed by Fairytales, which this year had become Britain’s Got Talent. Best Chip’s Challenges yet. After our team’s first three games, we had already played two football ones (the instantly legendary aquafootball – thanks to Willy T and Strob – and gettingonsomeone’sshouldersanddirectingthemwhichwaytokicktheballwell), and the spinning round game turned out to be harder than it looked!! The traditional post-CC football was transferred from the entire rugby pitch to one silo cover, where anything went except hand-ball! Brilliant new throw-in rule too… BGT will have to go down as one of my biggest camp regrets (up there with failing the bid up last year!), as to Jonny’s absolute disgust I missed an open goal to call myself after everyone’s favourite DJ.

slippery slope
Slippery slope

Gavin aquafootball
Aquafootball. ‘Slidewell’ James, oh please! More like Gavin abouttokicktheballoutforathrowandthenjumponit,fightoffanybodythattriestotakeitoffhim,andthrowitinwhichisallinaccordancewiththeruleswell

cream bun rapping
Cream Finger


Tuesday saw go karting in the afternoon, or else paintballing, or teddy bear making for the Cullybackey boys.


The video on the previous post was not in slow motion – they really were that slow!

It was still nervous watching for some though!

“Sweeney turned up and told us that we smell bad” – but didn’t stay long enough to resume his schooling


Some were more dangerous than others!

The finalists

Phil mastered the correct bumper car technique to take the honours

teddies - girls and cbackey boys - and mark
What’s that about boys?!

mary teddy sherringham
Teddy Sheringham

mark superted

Tuesday evening saw the seminars, which came in handy for the Mastermind sketch.

Wednesday was the away day to Newcastle, where, duly loaded up with sweets as we’d been instructed, we got into the buses and the singing commenced. Good times. Andy Mo came in for the most abuse. The postable ones included ‘Two Robert Hannas’, a special version of ‘Why don’t you go home’ for Alice, the Cromie family, and a tribute to the Clerk, which in a moment of insanity we let Amy video afterwards. And a song which, for a change, started ‘We love Neville and Rhonda…’ :-)

On arrival we went for a ‘walk’, which despite all appearances to the contrary, definitely wasn’t a hike. Or so we were told. In between everybody going round and sharing their sweets, we discussed the merits of William Symington. Then we went to Donard Park for the BBQ, where people were too wrecked to play football, although most seemed to spend their time trying to get one out of a tree.


the grand old duke of camp

hike good



camp rocks
Camp rocks

bbq girls
At the BBQ – you’ve got to worry about Gareth though!

esther gillian
Esther and Gillian

bun bbq
Bun BQ

“On a warm summer’s evening / on a bus bound for Armagh / four sleeping girls / dream of Andy Mo…”

Then it was back for discussion groups, and a movie night / free time – Joel and I had a little sketch we needed to write – and supper of sausage rolls and such! And probably somebody’s birthday.

Thursday afternoon, for those who weren’t gatecrashing Calvin 500 (Where a certain N. Irish minister was in ‘superlative’ form – Derek Thomas) was down as dancing / free time, but again it was a full day of concert preparation for Ant and myself, which only ended at approximately 8:50pm.

concert announcement taped up
Thurs lunch time – Final concert promo

Gareth’s videos of the whole thing are coming soon, but in the meantime, here’s our closing sketch:

As Thomas Houston wrote in the Covenanter while reviewing his own book, ‘It is manifestly not in our province to say anything in commendation of the discourse’, but on the whole I think the concert went down well! There was more funny stuff this year which was good. Special mention must go to Jonny’s Family Fortunes game, which could only have been surpassed if he’d included some of the ideas that the Mall came up with at 3am the night before, then used its collective wisdom to censor. Happily some did slip through the net though!

ant and dec

ant and dec background

rob - james lifetime ban
Rob promises to show us a good time, as James’ ban is proclaimed in the background

concert family fortunes mccollum family
The McCollum family triumphed in Family Fortunes

michael rapping
Micahel H rappin in Armagh for us

michael jackson thing
Shoulda tied the boys to goalposts as planned

concert mastermind

Friday was ‘Sports Day’, with the change of name from ‘Competitive Sports’ obviously being taken too literally by most of our team, so the less said about it the better. The Moderator had earlier made an appearance for the talk, prayer time and lunch. At tea, the cooks were thanked, with a poem being read which had been composed specifically for Frances, who responded by reading out the letter she had received 26 years ago asking her to make her debut – as leader. A standing ovation and much chanting ensued.


sharon frances poem

strob frances poem



In the evening there was the party, when tagging was resumed with avengeance. At supper, our esteemed leader announced that breakfast the next morning would be at 8am, which was met with a rousing chorus of ‘There’s only one Andy Aicken’. However it was later clarified that it would actually be at half 8, which calmed passions somewhat! After supper, 02 crashed due to the first years texting people they’d just met at the party. Then Land of Leather – and bed.

when out of nowhere, cream bun appears
Such was the scene at the party when, moments later, Cream Bun appeared out of nowhere with the tag!

Emotions on Saturday morning moved from panic as to whether one had been tagged, to relief that one hadn’t been, to panic as one tried to get showered and one’s stuff out of the Mall (under an addition to the Tag Code for this year) and up for breakfast. Then extreme watchfulness throughout breakfast, and finally smugness when the last name was read out.

Bad times for McCavery

And then back home, where most people could sleep, but I had to get straight into the dissertation (supervisors don’t seem to take it for granted that GO team and camp will result in no addition to the word count!). Which also explains why this report is late, and not one of my better efforts! But as Pete has threatened not to come back next year if I don’t do a decent report for him to read in the build-up, I will just have to close with a plea for him to come back anyway! Like who would we slag off for being old?! And what would we do if we wanted to go to bed and he wasn’t there to head first? Would we have to stay up all week?!

I’m not actually worried though. I don’t know how it would be physically possible for anyone to sit at home and know they were missing out on the craic!! Onwards and Upwards!!

More photos

c'mon tim
C’mon Tim!

claire mary
Claire and Mary

sarah mandy tandy
Sara, Mandy and Tandy

dessie andy mo
Dessie enjoying his Senior Camp debut


jonny alcorn claire
Jonny and Claire

Better than GAC

hannah rachel 2
Hannah and Rachel

hayley tim - steady on Hayley! He's young yet
“Steady on Hayley! He’s young yet” – as his big sister commented on facebook!

debbie makes a break for irn bru
Debbie makes a break for Irn Bru

chip girls
Chip keeping a watchful eye

girls 2
Dunno what this is about!

james bad izzy good
James and Izzy

james izzy 2 hannah's getting worried
And again! Hannah’ll be getting worried!

trinity - hd rw amy
Speaking of…

Tandy going a bit mental with the hair!

girls in common room
Girls in the Common Room

ali magic

jonny sarah mcm oh

alanna ruth
Alanna and Ruth

ben notebook
A solid debut from young Kennedy. Aaron had a birthday at camp, but seeing it was late in the week, it may not become a Conor/10* style regularity

erin sarah
Erin and Sara

pete evie
Pete and Evie keeping a watchful eye for taggers

claire flora
Flora and Claire

hayley rebecca
Rebecca and Hayley

andy mo
Spoilt. For. Choice.

we can see u sneaking out
We can see you sneaking out…