The whole message of the Bible in 16 words (book review)

The whole message of the Bible in 16 words
Chris Bruno
Crossway, 2017


To quote the catchphrase of the Bible Project, the Bible is one unified story which leads to Jesus. The emergence of good quality resources to help people see this is a great thing, and Chris Bruno’s aim with this book is to further that good work.

The book comprises 16 short chapters and would be ideal for someone who is new to the idea of seeing the Bible as one story. Stand-out chapters included ‘Creation’, ‘Temple’ and ‘Exodus’. Bruno is also to be commended for at least attempting to tie in the Wisdom literature to the big picture of the Bible. Very helpful summary sections at the end of each chapter consolidate the message, and are parts of the book I can definitely see myself going back to.

Encouragingly, Bruno classes himself as a covenant theologian rather than a dispensationalist, and argues that Adam’s relationship with God was a covenant one. Presbyterians may quibble however with his chapter on ‘Law’ and the limited role he sees for the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.

The author explains that knowing the story is like having the box of a jigsaw. As we look at the individuals pieces, we can glance back at the big picture and get a sense of how it all comes together. This book will help readers see more of the big picture, and that can only be a good thing.

Thanks to Crossway for a complimentary copy of this book through their Beyond the Page review programme.