Living in the light (book review)

Living in the light: Money, sex and power
John Piper
The Good Book Company, 2016

living in the light

Books about money, sex and power are nothing new. While the world worships them, and many Christians are suspicious of them, John Piper wants to cut a middle course. He believes that God did not create money, sex and power simply to be a temptation – but he had good purposes in mind. And so while they can be icebergs on which our faith runs aground – they are also islands of refreshment. Above all, they exist so that we can show the supreme worth of God.

There is much that is helpful here in seeing the temptations of money, sex and power – and especially the sin behind the sin which causes us to abuse them – but also in how to use them for positive purposes. The book is also packed with helpful illustrations. For example, illicit sex is like the red numbers which a bedside clock shines onto his ceiling. Those numbers thrive in the darkness but when the sun comes up, they vanish. In the same way, when God’s glory is revealed and treasured, the power of sexual attraction is broken.

The reason there are so many books with similar titles is because these three topics are always relevant – Piper says that he finds it strange how many Christians pursue wealth, despite all the Bible’s warnings. This book will spark helpful thoughts for those doing talks or preaching on these topics. At £8.99 for 152 pages, it’s overpriced – however like most of Piper’s books, it’s available for free on

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