Ballyclabber Football Tournament 2006

On Saturday I was actually in the country for the Ballyclabber Football Tournament for a change. Most of Faughan were on holiday however, so I played for fellow Westerners, Bready. The first 2 groups had 4 teams in them, and the rest had 3. We ended up in the group of death with ‘Mick’s Muckers’ (Offie, Sweeney, Nate & Michael Hawthorne, Philip Aiken), Lisburn and Carrick. There were about 20 teams altogether. Here are a few snaps:


versus “We’re not Brazil…we’re not Dromara either”

The ultimate male playing for Ards v. Trinity

James Bun

Midfield action

A video of Alan Blackwell surging forward, and getting a nosebleed, in the same match

Andrew Blackburn tries to stop Piemonger

Philip and Offie watch on

You have Andy G to thank for this priceless photo of Aggers!

Big Phil in action for Limavady – this was the first year ever that Limavady didn’t reach the final

Deco claims to be more into egg chasing, which might explain his comedy kick out which hit his own defender and rolled into the net

Irene scores for Knockbraken


Bready’s first match was against Mick’s Muckers. They took the lead with a speculative long range shot from Offie, before he added a better second. I pulled one back for Bready. This time I didn’t forget my dance, I just forgot to do it, however the crowd soon reminded me so I obliged. We still lost however, and we went on to lose to Lisburn 1-0, leaving us with beating Carrick the only thing left to play for. Here’s a few snaps from Carrick’s 0-0 draw with Lisburn:


Peter about to conceed another free kick for kicking the ball into the field

Peter’s pointing has been well documented on this website

Ali searches for the ball

Jonny McClure in action for Lisburn

In the big match itself, Carrick changed their tactics, with Joel coming outfield and heading in the opener. We came back however with 2 goals from Mr. Skills, which sent Lisburn through behind Mick’s Muckers, and Carrick finished bottom.

Lisburn faced controversial opponents in the quarter final. Ballymoney Galacitcos, in full kit, had obviously been on their way to play a proper match when instead they turned up at Ballyclabber. They must have kidnapped the Cloughmills team and tied them up somewhere, keeping Adam so he could negotiate with the RPs. They played Adam in nets, although forced him to wear pyjama bottoms rather than shorts so he wouldn’t be able to get far in the stifling heat if he tried to escape. Lisburn put up a brave fight, but lost on penalties with Jonny hitting the bar.


The Galacticos Cloughmills were drawn with ‘Dromara’ (Gareth Kerr and his mate John who reads AWS, plus some randomers) in the semi-final. Both keepers, being the only RPs, received huge cheers whenever they touched the ball. For once the ‘Who are ya?’ chant was a genuine question. Mick’s Muckers beat Convoy in the other semi-final, and then Convoy beat Dromara in the 3rd-place game.

Convoy were just happy to be there. It was the first of two big outings for them – tomorrow they all go in a big bus to sing hymns and play organs at Stevie Wright’s wedding

Then it was down to the final.


Adam was left bemused as Philip Aiken gave the RPs the lead direct from a corner

Pete was called on to be linesman as a controversial match was expected

The final went to penalties however, as Sweeney conceeded for the first time since I scored past him in the first game and the game ended 1-1

Offie missed the first pen, but Sweeney saved Cloughmills’ first to keep them in it (penalties are sudden death from the start). They scored another 2 each before Nathan blazed over the bar, and ‘Cloughmills’ were champions


The runners up

A few additions to the Camp post

bun abigail emma
Emma complained there was no photo of her – here you go!

Also I forgot to mention another great comedy moment. When we got back from the Share Centre, we were getting stuff out of the boot of the bus and young Steve McCollum climbed right in to get some boxes at the back. Then the bus started to drive off! We managed to get the bus stopped before it drove Steve to Portadown, but the look on his face as it started driving off was priceless!

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  1. Looks like a great day, I was at Ballyclabber on Sunday for the first time in about 8 years (was married there 10 years ago). I found this blog quite by accident but it is well established on Technorati – well done !!! A fantastic use of the internet !

  2. Another cracking write-up Steve!

    I’ve watched the video of Alan Blackwell’s run and shot loads of times cos it cracks me up … Cream Bun was obviously extremely confident Alan’s effort was going wide as he half-heartedly shook his left leg at it!!!

  3. Thanks Steelo, feel better now, though you stole that photo off Alistair’s bebo so it doesn’t really count!

  4. Nice Work Once Again Steelo, A Great Day, And Would David Cleland any chance be the I.T Teacher from my School?

  5. Heya Steelo… sorry I didn’t get photos posted while I was in Cyprus, but I have a few up now. If you want to see more let me know. Looks like a class football game.

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