Stuart Olyott

Loads and loads of sermons here: Old sermon site which is being slowly migrated to New sermon site

Evangelical Movement of Wales:

‘Here am I, send me’ (Isaiah 6:1-13); (2002)
When is a ‘Christian’ not a Christian? (2002)

Pagan Wales: High Quality (52MB) | Low Quality (7MB)

Individual sermons:
Christian Unity through Humility – Philippians 2:1-11 (Grace Baptist Church Carlisle PA, May 2005)
What Happened? – Luke 2 AM (Heath Church, Cardiff)
What Happened Next? – Luke 2 PM (Heath Church, Cardiff)

And a few Northern Irish exclusives:

Ruth (GVSBC 2008)

P&R Weekend 2005 – From Grace to Glory (search for Olyott under speaker)

Missionary Rally 2001 @ Synod – Evangelism: Grace to do it

On Preaching

11 lectures/seminars on preaching
Grace Ministers’ Conference (South Africa) (Only available on CD or DVD)

Pennine Preachers’ Fellowship
A word to preachers about their wives
Vice versa!

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