The Beggster @ New Horizon 2005

My next series of sermon mp3s comes from last summer’s New Horizon, where Alistair Begg was speaking. It really was one of the best series of talks I’ve ever heard at a conference. The Beggster was in absolutely brilliant form. If you only have time to listen to one of them, Wednesday’s was the best imo, but they were all brilliant. And he’s a very, very funny guy too! So here they are – I take it that anyone who intended to buy the CDs has done so already so I hope the New Horizon people don’t mind. The theme of New Horizon 2005 was ‘The Bible: Convincing the Mind, Captivating the Heart’ and the Beggster was preaching from Acts.

Sunday Evening Celebration
Monday Evening Celebration
Tuesday Evening Celebration
Wednesday Evening Celebration
Thursday Evening Celebration
Friday Evening Celebration

They’re all near 50MB.

As you already know, John Piper is speaking at New Horizon 2006 – although I see from their site that Nigel Wright will be doing the Evening Celebrations too. Any idea who he is?

John Piper speaking at New Horizon next year!

Thanks to a good spot from Strob!

John Piper, author of many books such as ‘Desiring God’, ‘Let the Nations be Glad!’ and ‘Don’t Waste your life’ will be speaking at New Horizon at Coleraine University next summer, from the 22nd to the 28th of July. Piper is unashamedly and joyfully Calvinist which is bound to ruffle a few feathers. He has been labelled a ‘Charismatic Calvinist’ in the past but I think this is basically false (although he is apparently an apple picker). He has also had a few other criticisms which have been answered here if you’re interested.

Anyway, overall I think this is A Good Thing.