Training Pastors in Zambia

On Wednesday evening, Rev. David Lachman (FCC) will be speaking in Loughbrickland RPC @ 8pm about the work of Covenant College in Zambia, where he serves as lecturer and vice-Principal.

david lachman students

It’s a great opportunity to hear about some Reformed mission work in Africa. David is in the middle of a series of meetings, which after some time in Scotland has seen him speak at a Missionary Conference Weekend hosted by our friends at Magherafelt Reformed Baptist Church (on ‘The Importance of Training Pastors in Fulfilment of the Great Commission’ and Covenant College’s role in that task).

david lachman preaching

After Loughbrickland, he’ll be speaking in Bethel EPCEW in Cardiff and a number of churches in England.

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Come along and hear more about the opportunities and needs of this great work.

Senior Camp 2012 audio

senior camp 2012

God’s People with God’s Mission – Andy Lytle

1. Isaiah – A Vision for Mission – Isaiah 6
2. Jesus – Compassionate response in Mission – Matthew 9:35-38
3. Moses – Excuses in mission – Exodus 3 & 4
4. Jonathan – Daring submission in mission – 1 Samuel 14
5. Paul – Unashamed in Mission – Romans 1:13-17
6. Jesus’ disciples – Living Mission – Matthew 5:13-16


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