Behold, the end of Protestant Ulster

Great – though thoroughly depressing – article by Crawford Gribben

“For in Northern Ireland, as throughout the secular west, politics trumps faith.”

“Bowing to the inevitable, and being willing to sacrifice almost anything in the hope of maintaining the union, DUP strategists are enabling some of the most radical legislative changes in the history of Northern Ireland.

They do not need to do so. The DUP’s confidence and supply arrangement with the minority Conservative government provides them with formidable negotiating power. Throughout the Brexit crisis, the DUP made repeated threats to derail key votes when they believed that government policy was threatening the unity of the United Kingdom. But they have made little fuss about this more recent threat to the values that party members once found axiomatic.”

“The party of former fundamentalists will hold its nose during one of the most significant changes in public morality in living memory. ”

“Forced to choose, the DUP will prefer power to piety.”