Senior Camp 2015

senior camp 2015 group pic

Here’s the audio from the talks by Warren Peel.

1. The Book of the Lamb (Lord’s Day – full service)
2. The Suffering of the Lamb (Rev 4-5) Part 1 | Talk 2 (Monday – camp audio not yet available, these were preached in Trinity RPC)
3. The Sovereignty of the Lamb (Rev 4-5) (Tuesday)
4. The Power of the Lamb to Judge and Preserve (Rev 6-7) (Wednesday)
5. The Enemies of the Lamb (Rev 12) (Thursday)
6. The Wedding of the Lamb (Rev 21.9-22.5) (Friday)

To stream/download a film featuring Warren’s testimony, and support gospel work in Gambia, check out Shepherds’ Stories.