Worst fires in Colorado history – Please pray

Update: More positive news this morning




Just posted this update on tumblr:

A family from Tri-Lakes are fairly sure they’ve lost their house, but no-one can get near it to give confirmation (there is a website that lists houses confirmed destroyed).

2 dead – and more feared dead as people refused to evacuate. Worst wildfires in Co history. Please pray.

Reports that Tri Lakes meeting place (they rent) is on pre-evac so they might be in Springs on Sunday. I’m scheduled to preach twice in Springs. About 8 families from the 2 churches are now evacuated.

Key stats as of Thursday evening: 40,000 evacuated, 16,000 acres destroyed, 360 homes destroyed. Evac zone covers 93,000 acres

Springs Fire Department Video:

Black Forest Structure Protection from City of Colorado Springs on Vimeo.

It’s now made it to BBC homepage – video report here.