Beers, Suffering and Apologetics

One of the many great people I’ve met in Scotland has been fellow Norn-Irishman Gavin Beers – friend of (the engaged!) Gary and minister of Ayr FCC.

He recently spoke at Partick FCC’s Summer Conference on the theme ‘Making Sense of Suffering’. The audio of both talks and the video of the second one are available below:

1. The Problem of Suffering
2. God’s Answer to Suffering

He also spoke at the Abroath Youth Weekend in 2008 on Apologetics. I’m not as big into listening to Apologetics stuff as some, but I found these really helpful and would highly recommend them:

1. Knowing the Times
2. Materialism: Is Matter all that Matters?
3. Relativism
4. Tearing Down Strongholds
5. Christ the Truth

A few more of Gavin’s sermons (including a few more videos) are available online on SermonAudio and Bible Sermons.

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One thought on “Beers, Suffering and Apologetics

  1. The Arbroath talks aren’t necessarily apologetics, but they teach the main schools of thought that people think these days – it helps to understand what people believe and how it’s just the same as what’s been seen before, hundreds or thousands of years ago.

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