New Horizon 2003 and 2007

Two of the 2003 Seminars, from 2 of today’s leading historians :-P

Turning Points 2 – Crawford Gribben – Was there an Irish Reformation? (8.2 MB)

Turning Points 3 – Andrew Holmes – The Ulster Revival of 1859 (6.6 MB)


The speaker at New Horizon 2007 will be Steve Estes. After Alistair Begg and John Piper, it would have been hard to maintain that quality of speaker, but Estes could be good. He has degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary (Carl Trueman) and has co-authored a number of books with Joni Eareckson Tada. Indeed, rumour has it that Estes was being targeted as a speaker for either the now defunct CTI (before a lack of “yankee twangs and dollars” (PL) brought an abrupt end to the best weekend ever) or a Mission week. You can listen to sermons from him on his church website. Having eight children, most people will be relieved if he turns out to be a Protestant, never mind worrying about how Reformed he is.

The Bible Readings will be done by Ray Ortlund, Jr. of Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville. Previously, he was on the staff of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Don Carson) and, unlike last year’s Bible Reader, probably doesn’t go round claiming to be mates with ML-J.

NH takes place from Saturday 21st to Friday 27th July 2007.

9 thoughts on “New Horizon 2003 and 2007

  1. “After Alistair Begg and John Piper, it would have been hard to maintain that quality of speaker,”

    You obviously didnt hear Alister Begg speak as most people didnt like him and the crowds got worse evey night.

  2. Robbie – he’s an aul Baptist, it’s been a while since the main speaker at NH has been anything else! But sounds good from what you say.

    ‘Q’ – Get a real name. The Beggster (who has spoken at NH at least twice) was absolutely brilliant, and I obviously did hear him. Didn’t notice the crowds getting worse myself. I did hear a few people saying they didn’t like him but for them anything over 10 minutes would be ‘too deep man’. You really think you can judge a speaker because the Northern Ireland evangelical public don’t like him?! It’s amazing so few people got annoyed at Piper!

  3. get a real name? whats that mean my friend? The beggster overhear is loved and cherished by most people… Piper is too… baptist, christmatic, and reformed…. people seem to forget the reformed though.. Christianity Today did a feature a few months ago entitled, the young, the restless the calvinists were they focused on Piper and the Together for the Gospel group – pretty sweet.

  4. Hi–Just wanted to let you know, you’ll not be disappointed by Pastor Estes. I listen to his sermons each week, and he is one of the most gifted preachers I’ve heard. The church he pastors is actually an Evangelical Free church, but he’s pretty much in line with PCA doctrine–subscribes to Westminster Standards, etc. Check out the sermons on the website listed in the blog entry.

  5. I mean people should be brave enough to put their real name to comments! Yeah saw the Christianity Today thing, pretty cool.

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