Ted Donnelly ‘The Love of God in Christ’

Here’s a wee exclusive for you. The following talks are from a week of special services given by Ted Donnelly in Lisburn RPC in the early nineties. The talks are all from Ephesians 2 with the theme ‘The Love of God in Christ’. They’re all around 5MB. One of the tapes is a bit banjaxed so at the end of talk 3 and the start of talk 4 he sounds a bit like a smurf, but it doesn’t affect the listenability of them. If you’ve only time to listen to one, I’d listen to talk 4.

Man in Sin
Union with Christ
Saved by Grace
Without Hope and without God
Christ our Peace
Member’s of God’s Family
The Temple of God


Thanks to Strob for lending me the tapes.

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